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Chumak Pasta «Fusilli 5 Cereals», PP 350g

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A special feature of Fusilli Chumak 5 CEREALS is a combination of flour from hard varieties of wheat (durum), rye, barley, spelt and corn rich in vitamins and micronutrients, which makes the taste deep and  insensitive and provides a long saturation.

A dish of such a pasta, delicious and easy to prepare.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • More than 70% of durum in the composition
  • Contain whole grain cereals


Cooking tips:
Put Fusilli 5 CEREALS into salted boiling water (for 100g of pasta not less than 1 l of water), stir it, turn down the stove slightly and stir it every so often. Remove from heat. Drain well.


Cooking time is around 7 min.